We offer a suite of services grounded in our expertise in manufacturing and craftsmanship, designed to address key components of the value chain, enabling you to concentrate oninnovation and growth.

Design & Manufacturing

Creating beautiful products goes beyond just creativity; it requires a meticulously planned design and production process. It begins with an initial vision for the item's aesthetics, functionality, and wearability, and ends with ensuring that it meets standards for precision and structural integrity.

We work with designers, many of whom want to position their lines as the collectibles of tomorrow. Building a line is a project which requires a smooth collaboration between an engineer and a craftsman. Often, they weave together old-world techniques with current technology to make the embodiment of your imagination possible, in any metal (gold, platinum, titanium or silver). We have executed diverse designs, ranging from those that combined the symmetry of geometric lines and architectural influences, delicate yet powerful feminine aesthetic, to something bold, badass, and impossibly cool. "

Our custom manufacturing is based on Lean Thinking, a practice consisting of continuous experimentation to deliver value with minimal waste. Lean is a systematic way of thinking and working that prioritizes speed and quality.


At HC, working on a project with an avant-garde spirit that requires an unusual choice of diamond shapes and hues or gemstones with unique cuts isn't new or uncommon. You can rely on us to create a piece of jewelry with complementary or contrasting gemstone colors, different tactile surfaces, and distinct shapes. Apart from specializing in sourcing diamonds of almost every size and color, we have lapidary artisans who can cut diamonds into ovals, hearts, squares, or practically any shape. The faceters have the capability to blend various cutting styles, resulting in a multitude of unique gem designs.

We have exclusive offices in Mumbai and Jaipur, world’s top diamond and gem cutting, respectively.
As stated, we have developed a structure for our supplier collaborators to ensure that our cooperation aligns with our ethical objectives.

Photography & Imaging

Being involved in the creative process from day one sets us well to capture beautiful images of the jewelry that we make for our customers. Our early engagement allows us to get to know you, your brand, and your goals. Jewelry product photography is a complex art. It is sculptural in nature and requires meticulously applying light to each piece being captured, giving each product the attention, it deserves.

We provide solutions that are both creatively as well as technically consistent and strong. Our work is embedded in the traditional sense of photography art, but we also have control over digital techniques and developments and are fluent in both moving and still visual languages.

An additional benefit is the uniformity of the images, which will be aligned with your marketing standards, thereby enhancing your brand's visibility. Moreover, a swifter transition from production to online listings will expedite the revenue cycle. Furthermore, these images can be utilized in a variety of marketing efforts, including social media, print advertising, and product catalogs.

Fulfilment & Analytics

To grow your business, you must acquire a steady stream of new customers without losing existing ones.
The following questions are key to retaining them:

• How can I ensure customers are satisfied with their purchases? How can I improve the customer service experience?
• How do I balance variety and volume in the inventory to meet customer demands without overstocking? What system can I use to alert me when stock levels are low?
• What processes can I put in place to ensure that orders are shipped accurately and on time?
More importantly, how much time do I want to spend answering these questions myself?

Alternatively, we can solve these questions while you can take up initiatives that only you can lead, namely - creativity, design, and branding. These are crucial to keep your customers engaged and acquire new ones.
We provide the processes, infrastructure, and discipline to manage your entire order fulfillment, offer insights that can help enhance your product designs and selection, and keep your customers returning.

Application Solutions

We help answer the critical question that entrepreneur should have about his/her business:

• How can I save time on routine tasks?
• Am I making a profit? Do I have enough money coming in to cover my expenses?
• Am I maintaining accurate financial records? How can I ensure accurate tax calculations and filings?
• What is the lifetime value of my customers?
• How do discounts and promotions affect the profit margins on different items?

Our technology solutions enable you to better manage your time, comprehend customer value, maintain financial accuracy, and ensure profitability, paving the way for a sustainable and expanding business.