Responsible Practices

"There is no planet ‘B’"

Businesses can only be successful when the society around them succeeds. We embrace the dual mission of profitability and sustainability. Our approach towards this is summarised as follows:

People-Oriented Workplace

"Motivation comes from working on things we care about and working with people we care about.”

It takes a socially conscious workforce to be a socially responsible company. To shape and maintain that culture, despite all the pressure of deliverables, it is critical to have a people-oriented rather than a task-oriented workplace. Some of the key aspects of the culture we support are as follows:

Emphasis on Health & Safety – A consistent approach towards health & safety. We keep visiting our documentation, drills, and implementation. The idea is not to learn safety by accident!

Fair Employment Practices- HC has well-articulated policies covering Ethical Business Conduct, Anti-Harassment practices, Equal Opportunity Employment, and Conflict of interest policies.

The expected outcome of the above is not to make everyone feel good. The above practices are about preparing the fundamental ground for making people feel good, i.e., treating people fairly.

Environmentally Sustainable Operations

“The funny thing about sustainability is you gotta sustain it.”

Sustainability is an integral part of our decision-making. Our proprietary information technology solution underpins the pursuit of reduced rework and enables operations with a lower carbon footprint. Equally important are the practices as summarized below:
Lean Operations We follow Lean, which is about creating value for customers as quickly as possible while eliminating waste in the process. How does Lean help? It helps remove waste (e.g., wastage of time, handoffs/ unnecessary rework) in any business process. Reduced waste and less complex operations are the pre-requisite for environmentally conscious operations.
Small batch size - Reducing batch size is one of the core principles of Lean. Smaller batches enable faster feedback, less waste, and less energy usage.
Circular material management We use recycled input as much as possible, this is not just limited to recycled metals – gold & silver, but other inputs like packaging and paper.

Responsible Sourcing

Comply’ is not a vision.”

We are working to assess and improve transparency and environmental impact in our value chain. We seek to build a framework that incorporates accepted norms and is regulated by the trust between us, our people, suppliers, and the customer & the broader community it touches. The outcomes sought are as follows:

All production input is to come from legitimate sources.

Conflict-free diamonds - We work with suppliers who provide us with a guarantee that the diamonds come from Kimberley-certified sources.

Fair payment to all individuals involved in the supply chain.

Appropriate working conditions and no child labor.