About Us

We're a high-end custom jewelry manufacturer with a deep understanding of the art and science of jewelry making. We diligently study customer preferences and cultural trends across different regions. For over 20 years, we've proudly served designers and creators worldwide.
We know the creative process involves both emotional and financial risks, so we help manage those challenges by providing end-to-end support. From manufacturing to order fulfilment and analytics, we bring your vision to life while easing the bear of business processes. This way, creative entrepreneurs can smoothly transition from one project to the next and craft versatile designs that build on previous lines, without being distracted away from their core strengths.
Our diverse team provides a wide range of services, both before and after manufacturing. If you are obsessed with creativity and intend to walk down a common path of equality and no small amount of passion, we are all set!
And rest assured, we prioritize client confidentiality, intellectual property, and data security. We never reveal your identity without permission, as protecting your trust is crucial to our success. Without the trust that this creates, we will have no relationships.