“Marry well!”
Your creative vision is important but you need to execute to outcomes- aesthetics, functionality and an element of surprise.
We at HCI, a boutique manufacturer, can help you imbue your designs with the character of your subject of imagination- and can do much more to support your creative ambition. Just one thing before you tap to learn more about us - HCI isn’t for everyone. If you are obsessed about creativity and are keen to walk down a common path of equality and no small amount of passion, we are all set!
After all, like a relationship, your strategic partnership helps you feel safe and secure.
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“Creativity is a wild mind
and a disciplined eye”
Creativity can be fulfilling, uplifting, and transformational. However, there is also an element of risk to it. The risk associated can be emotional and financial or both. We help you manage the risk through a better grip on the creative process -from providing input at the conceptualization, design detailing, ensuring manufacturability and to the finished item as per the vision.
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“The walls between art and engineering
exist only in our minds.”
What sets apart a piece of jewelry? Its aesthetic quotient? In our experience, it’s not merely about creativity. What helps is a well thought out design and manufacturing process for the item. It starts with a ‘pre-vision’ of functionality & wearability and signs off with conformance to precision and structural soundness criteria of the output
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“Gems, are in fact, a species
of mineral flowers..”
At HCI, it is not uncommon to work on a project with an avant-garde spirit that required unusual choice of diamond shapes and hues or gemstones with special cuts.
If you want to create a piece of jewelry with complementary or contrasting gemstone colors, with different tactile surfaces, in various shapes, we will help.
Apart from specialize in sourcing diamonds of almost every size and color, we have the diamond cutters who can cut diamonds into ovals, hearts, squares or practically any shape.
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“There is no luck except
where there is discipline”
Our custom manufacturing is based on Lean Thinking. Lean is a systematic way of thinking and working that prioritizes speed and quality. It’s about creating value for customers as quickly as possible, while eliminating waste in the process.
How does Lean help? It helps remove waste (e.g. wastage of time, handoffs/ unnecessary rework) in any business process. The history of Lean can be traced back to the shop-floor of Toyota in the early 1900s. Adopting Lean has helped many organization, from diverse sectors, maintain a competitive edge.
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“Don't shoot what it looks like,
shoot what it feels like.”
That we are involved in the creative process from day one sets us well to capture beautiful images of the jewelry that we make for our customers. Our early engagement gives us an opportunity to listen to you, to get to know you, your brand and your goals.
Jewelry product photography is a complex art. It is sculptural in nature and requires applying light meticulously to each piece being captured, giving each product the individual attention, it deserves.
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“You didn't come this far
to only come this far”
What are your most popular items? How often do they get ordered? How much inventory do you need to carry to avoid stockouts? How fast do your customers expect fulfillment? More importantly, how much time do you want to spend answering these questions yourself.
Alternatively, we can solve for these questions while you can take up initiatives that only you can lead- creativity, design and branding. We have the processes, infrastructure and discipline to take care of the rest- stocking, packaging, shipping i.e. the whole order fulfillment process. Your time is the most precious thing you have.
If you wish to know more about us, kindly contact us at info
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