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“You didn't come this far
to only come this far.”

What are your most popular items? How often do they get ordered? How much inventory do you need to carry to avoid stockouts? How fast do your customers expect fulfillment? More importantly, how much time do you want to spend answering these questions yourself. Alternatively, we can solve these questions while you can take up initiatives that only you can lead, namely – creativity, design, and branding. We have the processes, infrastructure, and discipline to take care of the primary activities, such as stocking, packaging, shipping, etc., – i.e., the whole order fulfillment process.
Time is the most precious thing you have.

One last thing- we prioritize the client’s confidentiality, Intellectual Property, and data security. Protecting the confidentiality of our clients is fundamental to our existence. We do not, without permission, reveal the identity of our clients. Without the trust that this creates, we will have no relationships.
If you wish to know more about us, kindly contact us at

“Don't shoot what it looks like;
shoot what it feels like.”

Being involved in the creative process from day one sets us well to capture beautiful images of the jewelry that we make for our customers. Our early engagement allows us to get to know you, your brand, and your goals. Jewelry product photography is a complex art. It is sculptural in nature and requires meticulously applying light to each piece being captured, giving each product the attention, it deserves.

We provide solutions that are both creatively as well as technically consistent and strong. Our work is embedded in the traditional sense of photography art, but we also have control over digital techniques and developments and are fluent in both moving and still visual languages.

"There is no luck, only discipline."

Our custom manufacturing is based on Lean Thinking. Lean is a systematic way of thinking and working that prioritizes speed and quality. It’s about creating value for customers as quickly as possible while eliminating waste in the process.
How does Lean help? It helps remove waste (e.g., wastage of time, handoffs/ unnecessary rework) in any business process. The history of Lean can be traced back to the shop floor of Toyota in the early 1900s. Adopting Lean has helped many organizations from diverse sectors maintain a competitive edge. How do we approach Lean for you?  

When you need a new design to be executed, you can share a sketch directly through the account page on this website. The sketch would be turned into a detailed design by a jewelry designer using digital tools, a creative process that can be iterative. Subsequently, the design would be turned into a piece of finished jewelry through the inherent processes- Computer Aided Design(CAD)/ wax carving by hand, casting, filing, setting, and finishing. We aim to keep the information exchange value-adding; you would have visibility to the key milestones in the fulfillment cycle for each item in the order (through your account page). The above process is just a visible manifestation of the Lean culture. We aim for data-driven decision-making, team member empowerment to solve problems creatively, and initiatives to make a clean, uncluttered, safe, and well-organized workplace to help reduce waste and optimize productivity. Lean is not easy but rather strenuous to implement and sustain. Lean isn’t time bounded but is a patient, continuous improvement journey in pursuit of excellence.

“Gems are, in fact, a species of
mineral flowers.”

At HC, working on a project with an avant-garde spirit that requires an unusual choice of diamond shapes and hues or gemstones with unique cuts isn’t new or uncommon.
You can rely on us to create a piece of jewelry with complementary or contrasting gemstone colors, different tactile surfaces, and distinct shapes.
Apart from specializing in sourcing diamonds of almost every size and color, we have lapidary artisans who can cut diamonds into ovals, hearts, squares, or practically any shape.

You can also count on us if you want a one-of-a-kind, natural gemstone in a natural shade that has never been heated to enhance its color. 

“The walls between art and engineering
exist only in our minds.”

What sets apart a piece of jewelry? Its aesthetic quotient?
In our experience, it’s not merely about creativity. What helps is a well-thought-out design and manufacturing process for the item. It begins with a ‘pre-vision’ of functionality & wearability and signs off with conformance to the output’s precision and structural soundness criteria.

We work with designers, many of whom want to position their lines as the collectibles of tomorrow. Building a line is a project which requires a smooth collaboration between an engineer and a craftsman. Often, they weave together old-world techniques with current technology to make the embodiment of your imagination possible. We have executed diverse designs, ranging from those that combined the symmetry of geometric lines and architectural influences, delicate yet powerful feminine aesthetic, to something bold, badass, and impossibly cool.
Moreover, our production process complies with the laws and regulations in force.

“Creativity is a wild mind, and a
disciplined eye.”

Creativity can be fulfilling, uplifting, and transformational. However, there is also an element of risk to it. The risk associated can be emotional and financial or both.
We help you manage the risk through a better grip on the creative process -from providing input at the conceptualization to design detailing and manufacturing to the finished item as per the vision.

More importantly, we can collaborate with you in creative thinking through divergence (that is, generating many possibilities) and convergence (that is, reducing the number of these possibilities). A good grasp of these activities will help you not feel the bear of the creative process. It will be far easier to move from one project to the next and create designs with maximum versatility, which can build upon your previous lines.

“Marry well!”

A good partnership is like alchemy, with the right elements, you create Gold.
We at HC, a boutique manufacturer, can help you imbue your designs with the character of your subject of imagination- and can do much more to support your creative ambition. Your creative vision is essential, but you need the proper tools and expertise to execute them to outcomes. One thing before you tap to learn more about us – HC isn’t for everyone. If you are obsessed with creativity and intend to walk down a common path of equality and no small amount of passion, we are all set! After all, like a relationship, your strategic partnership helps you feel safe and secure.

Our métier: We deeply understand the art and science of jewelry making and voraciously study customers’ choices and cultural contexts in most geographies. Along the way, we have served a number of designers around the globe.