A Destination

Becoming beautiful is a journey, which takes you through many explorations. While you explore yourself and the rest of the world, we are waiting here to give you what you have always wanted – BEAUTY!


Luxurious pieces of ART, carefully designed, and created with a PRECISION. So that it can be called a MASTERPIECE


Exquisite hand picked stones, are not merely a symbol of luxury, but also a reflection of beauty. Their cuts, running deep into their surface, like waves in a sea, brings out their wild side. And their lustre, a soothing glow, shows how calm and peaceful they are, at the same time.

It is very difficult to find such a stone, which is so pure. Even if one finds it, its even more difficult to refine it & turn it into a piece of jewelry.

Heritage Collection strives to find & collect rare stones that can help in making of a fine jewelry one day. These stones have meritorious characteristics, that qualifies them to be the best among their class.

We also make sure that the stone goes through a process of refinement. This process gives the stone a new cut, shine and glow; without disturbing its natural properties. Thus making it even more beautiful.

Exclusive Collection


We thought we worked for an industry of beauty. To flourish here, we have to create and promote Beauty. But then this thought struck us “there’s nothing more beautiful than TRUTH” !

Thereon, everything we created or create, is with utmost HONESTY and a little……., well, CREATIVITY.


Our mission is to reach out to millions of people across the world ( and beyond, may be soon! ), and let them have what we have. Our wonderful collection of skillfully created art.

This way, we can share, with millions, the profound & alluring beauty of our Jewelry.