Social Responsibility


At Heritage Collection Inc, we believe that responsible business practices and our aspiration to offer high quality jewelry go hand in hand. That is why we are committed to developing and manufacturing fine jewelry in a responsible manner and to work towards minimizing our environmental impact on the PLANET.


Heritage Collection Inc fully supports all measures which seek to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds. Each diamond is checked to make sure they are imported from a conflict-free zone. At Heritage Collection Inc, we only purchase diamonds and gemstones from the best and most reputable suppliers, who, like us, have the highest and most ethical standards.


In its most basic form, fair trade is about social accountability. It means working with our trading partners to improve the status, conditions, and protections of workers. It should include measures that protect the environment. It should be a guiding principle behind how all goods are traded and not just a highly specialized niche comprising a tiny fragment of all global trade. We believe that all products sold should be fairly traded, or they shouldn’t be traded at all.