About Us

Is jewelry a mere accessory, or a precious object steeped with beautiful memories? The purchase of a jewel is often related to a special personal event – love, marriage, the birth of a child, professional success – a most eloquent expression of the depth of your feeling. When one acquires an exquisite piece of jewelry he or she become s the custodian of an object that will be cherished for future generations. We believe that the crafting of jewelry is an art whose beauty reflects rare jewels, fine workmanship and utmost quality far above and beyond any ordinary standard. Our passion for this art inspired us to launch “Heritage Collection Inc” – exclusive creations that are understated, timeless with a harmonious combination of personality and elegance with a royal touch.

As Graduate Gemologists and Accredited Jewelry Professionals with diplomas from the GIA in New York and years of experience in the jewelry industry, the combination of academic credentials and an appreciation for beauty and luxury has enhanced our passion for transforming Jewelry pieces into finest works of art that are deemed worthy as classics with timeless appeal. From the first sketch to the finished piece, our goal is to create unique pieces to be coveted by the connoisseur. Superior quality is ensured by in-house production where the finest tools and skills are blended with the latest technology and experience in craftsmanship from development to shipping.

With each of our individual pieces we strive to earn a special places in the hearts of our clients and to give them family heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations to come